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Comic Gallery
  The Pepper-Chronicles - an epic fantasy comic in progress, in collaboration with Rebekie Bennington and Daniel Scribner. Check us out on FB and our very own website. You can read a 10 page excerpt HERE
"Xoth - die unaaussprechliche Stadt" for publisher Zwerchfell, 70 pages full color, 2008 - a Lovecraftian adventure!

Excerpt page 01 -06


"Besuch vom Ding zur nächtlichen Stunde" for the Fanzine "Jazam", 2 pages, 2006


"Blackout" Comic for the Swatch comic competition


"Verwirrt in Indien " (2005) 6 pages, published in the "Panik Elektro 4 ", which you can order at the "Schwarzer Turm" page. This story was the winner of the Schwarzer Turm competition "Panikmache".

"Der Egel" 2006, 7 pages, story by Johnny Speer. Here you can read the first three pages. If you want to read the rest, please order the "Comicgate-Magazin"

Excerpt page 01-03

"Das Schloss"-(2003) Interpretation of Kafkas novel "Das Schloss", 1 page for "50 Literatur gezeichnet 2".
"W.A.R.S.-Die kleinen Kriege des Clowns " (2003) 4 pages for the Comicseminar Erlangen 2003.
Urbanity - "Gewalt, Drogen und Genetik" (2002) pages, published by "Prequel".

Excerpt page 02-07



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